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Fologram for Grasshopper

Fologram for Grasshopper is installed with the Fologram for Rhino plugin.

Mixed Reality Applications in Grasshopper

Fologram allows you to design application logic and dynamic content for mixed reality applications using parametric models in Grasshopper. Most existing Grasshopper definitions can be viewed in mixed reality by streaming selected geometry to your headset or mobile phone with a Sync Geometry component. You can also interact with Grasshopper sliders, buttons, drop down lists and toggles directly from the Fologram menu on your device. A common pattern when creating Fologram apps in grasshopper is to detect when users change a slider or press on a button and use a a parametric model to change what the user sees in mixed reality. This pattern can be used to create buttons to step through sequences of tasks, build custom modelling tools, interact with simulations and more.

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