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Precision in Mixed Reality

The precision with which holograms appear in the correct physical location is affected by several factors.
Hologram drift is affected by the ability of the HoloLens to detect and track feature points within the work environment. The perception of hologram location is affected by the calibration of the stereo display for the geometry of the wearer’s eyes and the location of the headset on the wearer’s face. Model size and background processes running on the headset will also affect hologram drift by reducing computational resources available for tracking algorithms. The condition of the device battery and camera covers will also affect precision by impacting computational resources and fidelity of computer vision data.
To maximise the precision of holographic experiences we recommend following best practice for preparing work environments, user behaviour and models using the guides outlined in this documentation.
HoloLens tracking
Recognizing poor tracking
Environmental factors
User behaviour
Marker setup
System load and battery
How to Improve Tracking