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Augmented Reality for Construction from Steam Bent Timber

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Authors: Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham, Nick van den Berg
Abstract: Digital models viewed in augmented reality can serve as guides to locate, form, and assemble parts during construction and reduce the need to build temporary formwork or sub structures. However, static digital models are often inadequate for describing the behaviour and constraints of material that is dynamically formed over time, leading to breakages and challenges following augmented reality guides during assembly. To address this issue, we propose a method for fast and approximate simulation of material behaviour using a goal-based physics solver, enabling the design and fabrication of steam bent timber parts using an adaptable system of sparse formwork. Through the design and construction of a pavilion from steam bent timber we demonstrate that approximate simulation of material behaviour is adequate for wide tolerance construction by hand and eye in augmented reality, reducing part breakages and accumulative error.