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Fabricating Behavior Sensor Computing Approach for Coexisting Design Environment

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Teng-Wen Chang, Chi-Fu Hsiao, Chun-Yen Chen, Wei-Xin Huang
Digital fabrication often requires a mixed initial interaction among the fabrication tools and the information behind it that is hard to align with users owing to the nature of a coexisting environment. This type of real-time digital fabrication process needs a cluster of sensing agents that can sense the needs of users in the environment and respond to users in real time. We propose a behavior sensing mechanism during the fabricating process. Our goal of this study is to improve the accuracy between the virtual data and the physical environment and enhance the smoothness of behavior feedbacks. We defined our own gesture identification rule to help users manage their fabrication process more easily. Besides, we also extend the possibility and the flexibility of the sensing mechanism to assist in human–machine collaboration with this specific coexisting design environment.