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StructVR Virtual Reality Structures

Jul 1, 2018
Fologram Projects
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Authors: Gregory Quinn, Adrian Geleazzi, Fabian Schneider, Christoph Gengnagel
This paper presents Virtual Reality Structures (StructVR), an immersive virtual environment designed to engage, educate and entertain users via virtual physical interaction with digital structural systems which display immediate visual feedback on structural deformations, internal forces and reactions. Interaction with pre-set demos as well as a creative sandbox mode provide an environment which can help users significantly to develop their understanding of and intuition for structural behaviour and theory. The implications of this prototype which combines the geometric strengths of Rhino / Grasshopper, the simulation speed and precision of dynamic relaxation solver Kangaroo as well as the rendering and design capabilities of Unity are far reaching. This paper presents a proof-of-concept prototype and discusses its technical realisation.