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SENS+: A Co-Existing Fabrication System for a Smart DFA Environment Based on Energy Fusion Information

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Teng-Wen Chang Hsin-Yi Huang Cheng-Chun Hong Sambit Datta Walaiporn Nakapan
In factories, energy conservation is a crucial issue. The co-fabrication space is a modern-day equivalent of a new factory type, and it makes use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as sensors, software, and online connectivity, to keep track of various building features, analyze data, and produce reports on usage patterns and trends that can be used to improve building operations and the environment. The co-fabrication user requires dynamic and flexible space, which is different from the conventional user’s usage. Because the user composition in a co-fabrication space is dynamic and unstable, we cannot use the conventional approach to assess their usage and rentals. Prototyping necessitates a specifically designed energy-saving strategy. The research uses a “seeing–moving–seeing” design thinking framework, which enables designers to more easily convey their ideas to others through direct observation of the outcomes of their intuitive designs and the representation of their works through design media. The three components of human behavior, physical manufacture, and digital interaction are primarily the focus of this work. The computing system that connects the physical machine is created through communication between the designer and the digital interface, giving the designer control over the physical machine. It is an interactive fabrication process formed by behavior. The Sensible Energy System+ is an interactive fabrication process of virtual and real coexistence created by combining the already-existing technology, the prototype fabrication machine, and SENS. This process analyzes each step of the fabrication process and energy, fits it into the computing system mode to control the prototype fabrication machine, and reduces the problem between virtual and physical fabrication and energy consumption.