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Making in Mixed Reality

Jan 1, 2019
Fologram Projects
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Authors: Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham, Nick van den Berg, Matthew Beanland
The construction industry’s reliance on two-dimensional documentation results in inefficiency, inconsistency, waste, human error, increased cost and the impracticality of architectural experimentation with novel form, structure, material or fabrication approaches. We describe a software platform that enables designers to create interactive holographic instructions that translate design models into intelligent processes rather than static drawings. A prototypical project to design and construct a pavilion from bent mild steel tube illustrates the use of this software to develop applications assisting with the design, fabrication, assembly and analysis of the structure. We further demonstrate that fabrication within mixed reality environments can enable unskilled construction teams to assemble complex structures in short time frames and with minimal errors, and outline possibilities for further improvements.