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Towards Learning Geometric Transformations through Play: An AR-powered approach

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Zohreh Shaghaghian, Yan Wei and Dezhen Song
Despite the excessive developments of architectural parametric platforms, parametric design is often interpreted as an architectural style rather than a computational method. Also, the problem is still a lack of knowledge and skill about the technical application of parametric design in architectural modelling. Students often dive into utilizing complex digital modelling without having a competent pedagogical context to learn algorithmic thinking and the corresponding logic behind digital and parametric modelling. The insufficient skills and superficial knowledge often result in utilizing the modelling software through trial and error, not taking full advantage of what it has to offer. Geometric transformations as the fundamental functions of parametric modelling is explored in this study to anchor learning essential components in parametric modelling. Students need to understand the differences between variables, parameters, functions and their relations. Fologram, an Augmented Reality tool, is utilized in this study to learn geometric transformation and its components in an intuitive way. A LEGO set is used as an editable physical model to improve spatial skill through hand movement beside an instant feedback in the physical environment.