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Fologram for Rhino

Fologram for Rhino and Grasshopper is free to download and install on any laptop or PC that runs Rhino 5 or above. You can get Fologram for Rhino from our website here, or from Food4Rhino. To install Fologram for Rhino, follow along with the video or steps below.
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Installation instructions

Close any open Rhino windows.
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Double click the FologramForRhino.rhi installer file. Choose 'Just Me' when prompted - this will allow you to install Fologram on shared PCs and without administrator rights.
Hit Next to begin installation. Fologram should install for all detected versions of Rhino that you have installed.
Start Rhino.
Type the Fologram command to launch the Fologram plugin window, or click on the Fologram icon in the toolbar.

Get started with Fologram for Rhino:

Connecting and Streaming Models
Creating Task Sequences
Editing Materials
Creating and Printing Placement Markers
Connecting Multiple Devices