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Web-Based Collaborative Method for the Design and Fabrication of Gridshells

Aug 1, 2021
Fologram Projects
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Vucic, Marko and Tepavcevic, Bojan
Abstract: Advancements in computational design and fabrication along with development of web-based platforms for 3D modeling instigated new approaches for the development of collaborative tools in architecture and building industry. This paper presents a collaborative method to design and fabrication of geodesic D-strips gridshells which can be used for mass customization of lightweight wooden shell pavilions. Collaborative design-to-fabrication method is presented in 2 phases: digital form-finding process with custom designed online parametric tool for creating funicular D-stripe gridshells and using Microsoft Hololens for making physical prototype in mixed reality environment. As a proof of concept design and manufacturing of geodesic D-strips gridshell models are realized within online and onsite workshop as a part of model making course class for the students without previous 3D modeling experience.