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Applications of Parametric Design in Lightweight Shell Structures

Feb 1, 2023
collaborative design
Fologram Projects
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Amany Sanad Fouad
Mohamed Ezzeldin
Ayman Assem
Parametric Design is a powerful design approach that has been widely applied to architectural design in recent years. Designers may create rules using parametric design tools that consider the aesthetics, functionality, and performance needs of a design. The purpose of the study is to analyze the impact of parametric design patterns in producing unique, well-structured, and aesthetic shell lightweight structures. Achieve that by firstly defining the shell lightweight structure, its types of geometries, and Objectives for form finding of the shell structure. Secondly defining the parametric design, Characteristics of the parametric design process, and parametric patterns. thirdly studying and analyzing different five distinct global examples, in terms of the structure’s form-finding technique using parametric patterns, used materials, fabrications, and installation. Finally making an analytical comparison of the five examples to achieve the main objective of the study. From this analytical comparison find that the parametric design and parametric patterns has a critical role in form-finding shell lightweight structures.