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A Grasshopper Plug-In for Designing Virtual Camera Path in Rhino 3D using Cellphone Motion: Chameleon

Aug 1, 2021
camera tracking
Fologram Projects
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Poustinchi, Ebrahim
Chameleon is a workflow plug-in for Grasshopper 3D that enables designers/users to design camera paths and orientation for animation and still rendering, using cellphone position and orientation. Working as a bridge between the physical world and the digital design environment of Rhino 3D, users using Chameleons, can develop animated and still frames from the first-person point of view with realistic walk-through motions/angles. Although this feature is available in animation software platforms, Chameleon aims to unlock this possibility in Rhino 3D environment and the most used design software for three-dimensional modeling. This new workflow also provokes new means and methods for creative interaction with design software, beyond the existing hardware interfaces such as keyboard and mouse.