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Dance with Shadows - Capturing tacit knowledge with smart device augmented reality (SDAR)

Aug 1, 2020
Fologram Projects
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Hashimoto, Jason and Park, Hyoung-June
Tacit knowledge has been notified with its involvement in the creative and innovative process of design. However, it has been an elusive subject due to its difficulty to be articulated, recorded, and communicated. Augmented Reality (AR) is introduced as an affordable, accessible, and collaborative way to revisit tacit knowledge in the design process. In this paper, a computational design approach with Smart Device Augmented Reality (SDAR) is proposed for a real-time fenestration design in a targeted room. In comparison to standard methods of showcasing daylighting metrics, the use of Smart Device Augmented Reality (SDAR) is an alternative method as it delivers a dynamic experience by combining both the real and digital environments, enabling the visualization of the design in its intended site context with real-time feedback. The implementation of the proposed approach is explained and the design process with SDAR is also demonstrated in this paper.