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Interactive design to fabrication, immersive visualization and automation in construction

Oct 28, 2019
Fologram Projects
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Christopher Morse, Erik Martinez-Parachini, Philip Richardson, Charlie Wynter & John Cerone
The presented research showcases a custom design-to-fabrication workflow leveraging virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and automated robotic fabrication. The process and custom platform demonstrate how these technologies can work together to create intuitive direct-to-fabrication workflows for the design and construction industry. The main focus of the research is developed in four different stages corresponding to the workflow. In stage one, a custom VR platform provides users an intuitive design space in full scale while accounting for fabrication constraints. Second, the modelled information is translated through a cloud -based service into 3d modeling software, in real time. In the third stage, within the 3d modeling software, a custom software solution calculates the required notching for the construction system while aligning assembly order to fabrication order. Through this platform, the programming data for robotic milling and pick-and-place operations is generated, and fabrication through industrial robotic arms is enabled. Fourth, using QR codes on fabricated components, an AR overlay aids in constructing the designed demonstrator, keeping track of pieces, and providing the right assembly order.