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Precision Partner: Enhancing GFRC crafstmanship with Industry 4.0 Factory Floor Feedback

Aug 28, 2020
3D scanning
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CITA (Paul Nicholas, Gabriella Rossi, Iliana Papadopolulou, Martin Tamke, Nikolaj Brandt and Leif Hansen) have collaborated with industry partners BBFiberbeton and TickCad to propose research around how to reconcile skilled craft -based industries such as GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) manufacturing with higher precision digital-chain workflows.
The project uses Fologram to overlay information over the manufactured parts in the HoloLens. This information contains critical dimensions and surface deviation between the mold and the model. This allows the detection of any warpage that may have occurred, assisting in the visualization of usually invisible measurements in the real world.