Fologram Docs



Find step-by-step instructions for working with Fologram for the first time.

For individuals and IT administrators:

Follow the HoloLens Admin Setup Guide to connect your HoloLens to WiFi, attach the device to your Fologram account and start using your license.

For first time users of Fologram:

If you’re working with a HoloLens, take a look at the Fologram for HoloLens Guide to learn how to interact with the device, load saved models and connect to a Rhino session for the first time.

For presentation and fabrication:

Learn how to precisely and repeatably locate models in space on multiple devices using the Locating and Sharing Models Guide.

All Guides:

HoloLens Admin Setup
Fologram for HoloLens
Fologram for Mobile
Locating and Sharing Models