Fologram Docs

Installing Fologram from the Windows Store

You can download and install Fologram for HoloLens from the Windows store either by deploying to your device from your desktop or directly from the Store on the HoloLens.
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On the Hololens:
  1. Ensure your Hololens is running the most up to date operating system. You can check this via the Settings Menu
  1. From the home screen, open the Windows Store and ensure you are logged in with your account.
  1. Search for Fologram and click on 'Get' to download Fologram.
On the desktop:
  1. Go to the Fologram for HoloLens page or search for Fologram on the Windows Store.
  1. Click on 'Get'.
  1. Sign in using the Microsoft account that you use on your HoloLens
  1. From the list of devices attached to your account, select the HoloLens you want to deploy Fologram to.
  1. Click OK.