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Fologram for HoloLens

This guide will walk you through the basics of streaming, positioning and interacting with models in mixed reality on the HoloLens 2. After completing the guide you should be able to prepare a workspace for good tracking and confidently stream your models to the HoloLens without issues. We will work with a mixed reality sandpit to demonstrate the advantages of depth perception and natural 3D interactions for spatial design. You will also learn to create videos of mixed reality experiences from both the HoloLens and mobile phones.
👤Who should complete this guide:
This guide is intended for first time users of both the HoloLens and Fologram.
How long will it take?
You should be able to finish the guide in under an hour.
📒What do I need before I start?
Make sure you have access to a HoloLens that already has Fologram installed and attached to an account with a license. If you are both a first time user and the administrator for your HoloLens, you can check out our HoloLens setup guide here.
You will also need a laptop or PC running Rhino. You can get a free evaluation copy of Rhino here.
Install Fologram for Rhino on the laptop or PC you want to work with.
Finally, make sure your HoloLens and PC can access the same WiFi network.
🗺️I think I'm in the wrong place...
Already have some experience with Fologram? Have a look at the Projects gallery or Research page for ideas, or discover new applications and techniques in the Processes database.

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